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APEL is a software application that assists teachers with auditing the curriculum i.e., using the Essential Learnings to plan units of work.

  • Teachers can use APEL to audit existing units of work, or to create and store new units. In addition, APEL can identify the assessable elements related to the units.
  • Teachers can use APEL to identify Essential Learnings. Graphs and reports are displayed to show the distribution of Essential Learnings and assessable elements across units of work. If teachers enter unit details, APEL has the facility to generate a report comprising the entire unit of work.

All data is saved in an internal database so changes can be stored and retrieved later. Data can be stored on a school server, allowing teachers within a school to view and edit units of work.

WARNING: If you were involved in testing and have a test version of APEL installed i.e., a version prior to 1.1.1, please view the instructions on how to uninstall APEL from your computer. It is essential that releases of APEL prior to version 1.1.1 are removed from your computer prior to download and installing the current version.

Download and install APEL

  1. Download the Windows or Mac installation file.

Note: The APEL software will only function correctly on Windows if you have permission to write to the install directory. If the APEL software is to be accessed by multiple computers, then please seek assistance (curriculum server) in this installation from your school’s IT support.

  1. Navigate to the directory where you saved the installation file and open it.
    (Note: It is best to close other programs before you do this.)
  2. After the install program has opened, follow the prompts. Select a location, and the installer will install the program to this location.

Updater information

If you are upgrading from an earlier APEL version you can download and install this updater.

  1. Download the Windows or Mac updater file.
  1. Run the updater
  2. Select the directory where you have installed APEL, e.g. Apple Macintosh – Applications or in Windows C:\APEL .

User instructions

Instructions on how to use APEL are contained in the user guide:

Uninstall APEL

To completely uninstall APEL from Microsoft Windows, please carry out the following steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, double-click the file C:\Program Files\APEL\uninstall.exe and follow the prompts.
  2. In Windows Explorer, delete the folder C:\Program Files\APEL

To completely uninstall APEL from the Mac OS:

  1. In Finder, right-click on the folder /Applications/APEL and select Move to Trash.

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