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Years 11 & 12

Work Programs Login



WPOnline V4.11.4

Welcome to the QSA Online Work Programs approval database.

This database is used to electronically process Work Programs and Study Plans.

If you are submitting an amendment to an approved work program please include the attached 'Amendment Cover Page'.

Use your Login Identifier (BIC) to gain access to the database. If you have not obtained permission to use the database, please complete the request for access to restricted areas of website 'form (DOC 93k)'

Note that the Login Identifier (BIC) and Password ARE case sensitive.

Create user account/Forgotten your password? - Go back to the main login page.

You may need to disable popup blockers when using certain features of this application. Please consult documentation regarding your popup blocker software for further details.

If you are having problems logging in - Contact your District Office.

If you are having problems running this application, please have a look at the following hints: Useful hints.

Just getting started or have a question? - You might want to have a look at one of these documents:

Please contact your District Office in order to report errors associated with this application.

Support for this application is provided during normal business hours, 8:30 - 4:00 Monday to Friday. The application may be available for use outside these hours but there will not be QSA support.

NOTE - Due to incompatibility between Word 2007 (.docx) and earlier versions of Word (.doc) all documents to be uploaded MUST be saved as a Word 97-2003 document. 'Click here for instructions.'.


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